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Beautiful Amy, she's the babe behind the lens for our last 3 blog posts and if you've ever had the joy of working with her, you'll know she exudes happiness and is a sunbeam of note. 

" I remember watching Amelie by Jean-Pierre Jeunet at a young age and not knowing the name. I distinctly remember the tones of green and orange set in a whimsical world that I wished was my own. Years later I found out the name and I was in my first year of film production. Photography had made its way into my life and heart this way and I became completely in awe of how I could create film stills and cinematic moments from life itself. I create as a form of therapy and by doing so many artists have come forward and felt a connection to my work. It's not a form of escape but rather a channel into a world that I know exists in moments between strangers and words not spoken between those who love each other but cannot express it.  We create to connect and that will always be a constant desire within myself."

~ Amy 

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