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Ethical Production


a bralette born in Africa

We love what we do and we take great pride in what we do.

Intimates made by beautiful babes for beautiful babes (that’s you honey!)


Ethical production is at the top of our list. We keep the good tunes rolling in studio, we have flexible hours and we know when a day off is needed. We have a “speak your mind” policy within our studio space, which is full of cheek, laughs and a little sass.

We keep things professional but also think of ourselves as the brand version of that one friend you can call up anytime have a splash of wine and chat all things fabulous.


We do sustainability; we think it’s not only damn cool but a necessity. Does eating vegan and saying hell no to single use plastics in studio count? Perhaps not.



We keep things limited.

Lace we design and produce is done in limited numbers and we choose to rather sell out than have wasted fabric added to landfills.  Because we all know that those landfills are looking pretty stocked up already.

Fabric off cuts in studio? Yep they are unavoidable but they have not left our studio - we are stocking up and hoping to upcycle it all into something lovely. 


Our thread.


We think about the little things, right down to our thread which holds our intimates together, and the company we source from does it with sustainability in mind.

We source from a South African based company who have a zero landfill policy, utilize solar energy from our warm South African sun and have since planted 1000 olive trees to help reduce the greenhouse gas CO2 from the air and offset their emissions. How cool are they?




All orders are delivered in our delicately scented boxes which are handmade by a lovely local family business only a short drive from our studio,

with a little handwritten love letter on one of our postcards. 



Delicates and intimates handmade in Cape Town for our babes.



Love the girls in studio xx




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