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Amy Ayanda

Mother’s Day at home with beautiful Amy Ayanda
Hand in hand with motherhood comes creation. Whether it is your own mother or
another female role model in your life, we can all agree that there is nothing more
precious than the warmth and guidance of a kindred spirit.
Someone who truly understands this relationship between creation and the role of the mother
is musician, artist and mama, Amy Ayanda.
With a small fairy child, Frances straddled on her hip,
this gentle yet strong soul welcomes you into the heart of her home and studio space.

“Like flowers ache for spring

My heart craves my mother

More than anything”

- Rupi Kaur

a little Q&A with beautiful Amy

What is your favourite memory with your mother?

“I can’t remember how old I was, but we were dropping my brother in town; she

stopped the car outside what is now the Southern Sun Hotel and we went in; she told

me to get in the lift and we went to the top floor. It was night time and the entire city

was lit up. We sat together in silence.”

How does this affect the way you parent your own child? Did you ever see

motherhood on the cards?

“A bond between a daughter and a mother, it is indescribable; it is sacred. When I

told my mother I was pregnant she stayed on with us for two years. Her strength,

knowing she was going to meet her first grandchild shone in all of us. I’m grateful to

her for her resilience, for her wisdom. 

Motherhood was always on the cards, but I guess I thought I would’ve become a

mother later on in life. Not at 22. But such is life.”

Do you count yourself lucky to have a positive male influence in your child’s


“I do; the thought of it brings me to tears often. As I write this he is sweeping the floor

next to me. He isn’t afraid to throw those gender norms out of the window. He does

laundry, he does the dishes. And I put up the shelves. I count my blessings, often.”

Can you share why it was not the first priority (if at all) for you and your

partner to get married?

“Dean and I had not been together long when we found out we had conceived. We

really wanted to be as gentle on ourselves as we could during the process of

growing a new tiny human and deciding on our partnership. We went to therapy

before the baby and spoke about our partnership and what we would like to do going

forward; we also had to discuss Surname things. We liked the idea of marriage but

we really wanted to focus on our baby. Now we find ourselves in the space ready to

celebrate that love I guess? I definitely think it’s better not to rush marriage though.”

What are your favourite flowers called and why are they special to you?

“Stargazers; they were my mother’s favourite. When they open they make the whole

room smell incredible - those and Saint Joseph Lilies - but I wouldn’t be able to


You are a businesswoman, a musician, an artist and now a mother! Where

you do you draw inspiration from? 

“I draw inspiration from the quiet moments; from the physical landscapes and skin

connections we have with our loved ones. I am busy on an exhibition titled "“Return to

Land; Return to Skin”; which is exploring the relationship I have to the land and space

I find myself in. Past and presently. It is a notion I find myself in often so I’ve decided

to explore it more.”

Many women in the artistic field struggle to stay motivated and to deal with

the ups and downs of creative flow. What would you say to them? 

“The downs are all part of the beautiful messy process! Play and take that apart.

Create more than you consume - do not compare your process to someone else’s.”

While Mother’s Day is most certainly about the joys of motherhood, there

are also many times that are challenging. How do you manage your well-being

when things get tough? 

“DEEP breathes. Janet Lansbury is my Guru and I listen to her podcasts. I have read

both of her books on new babies and toddlers, [explaining] discipline without shame.

I am learning too, and sometimes I fail, scream and slam the door. I breathe and

apologize to Frances and explain I am learning too. We just have to keep going.”

What do you hope that women who may still be on their way to

motherhood will take into the parenting journey with them?

“Do not read too many parenting books! Your gut and intuition is usually correct.”

Happy Mothers Day to all our beautiful mamas out there!


Whatever your definition of a mother is, enjoy this time, made just for you.

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