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Each one of them is a sun, and darling…so are you.


We were introduced to each other because of our (then) boyfriends and late nights working the same corporate internship. But we became friends because of so much more. It is something ethereal that knits our laughter close around a dinner table late into the evening, embraces our breath into one as we watch sunsets over our favourite beaches, and entwines our trust no matter how far spread out across the world we may be.

Feminine Love. Female Bonds.



Meet some of the most incredible women in my life: Ivana, Francis, and Alex.





It is through them that I have learnt freedom. The freedom of loving myself, of the nipple, of knowing your worth, of sharing your stories and opening up.



On what is now one of my fondest Saturdays of this year, we gathered in my room just as the sun began to stream through the clouds and leak onto my bed. Dressed in the softest range of Nette Rose intimates we soaked up the light and caught soft moments of our love on my film cameras. A short drive later we were frolicking on an empty Barley Beach – the perfect end to any mild winter’s day with my best girls. Comfortable in themselves, comforted by each other. I hope these images show just that. I am so proud to gift them to you all here with Nette Rose.


Gentle and stong. Confident and kind. Individual bodies, all beautiful. These are my women. Each one of them is a sun, and darling…so are you.


Shine with us X


 Words & photography by beautiful Jo & supplementary photography by lovely Lauren

Angels wearing Nette Rose

JoIvana, Francis, Alex


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