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Spread love, be kind and choose softness always.


"I’ve known her my whole life but she’s had three years of not knowing me. She says she spent those three years waiting.

My sister and I are two pips in a ridiculously sweet peach. Our bond has been intricately woven around the comfortable mess of limbs we become in each other’s company and the laughter that embraces us in soft sunrise/sunset hues and the conversations we share in the subtle blinking of eyes. It is soaked in salty ocean water and milky tea and freshly buttered by the sun as it knots our love into a soft and sweet sister sandwich. 

I feel most myself when I am with my sister. I have always associated her with home. We learn and grow side by side, watching each other with a gentle knowing. She has given me the greatest gift of all: she taught me self-love and helped me fit the word ‘enough’ in my own embrace. She has been with me at the worst and best times of my life always offering a soft place to fall. She is the wisest, strongest and softest woman I know. Sometimes I wish I could climb into her ribcage and imitate her heart. 

Even when we are separated we are never truly apart because she is a part of me as I am a part of her and our hearts are ethereally and inseparably intertwined. Like the pudding bowl to her sweet pudding, I am always waiting to hold her.  

I am forever grateful for my sister and what she has taught me and for this ever-growing warm gooey love that we can wear as an oversized soft jersey when it gets cold. 

Embrace and thank your sisters (whether they’re blood-related or not) because it is in these strong female bonds that we are able to empower one another and it is in the steady beating of the heart that we recognize them. 
Spread love, be kind and choose softness always."
Sisters, PippaNina wearing their Dahlia sets 
Words by beautiful Pippa

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